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Publication numberUS1707539 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date2 Apr 1929
Filing date6 Jul 1927
Priority date6 Jul 1927
Publication numberUS 1707539 A, US 1707539A, US-A-1707539, US1707539 A, US1707539A
InventorsPropp Louis
Original AssigneePropp Louis
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Decorative illuminating device
US 1707539 A
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April v2, 1929. L.. PRoPP DECORATIVE ILLUMINATING DEVICE Filed July 6. 1927 'I [Hf I.. Alm

` .Mullin nunnnnwmrddmuuunnnnwhununn;

. INVENTOR BY 3 TgoRNEY Patented Apr. 2, 19221)..v l

Umm-STATES f ,intese PATENT., @met Louis P norr; orv NEW'YORK, n.

Dscoan'iivn ILLUMINATING nnvrcii.

Application ledvfluly 6,1927, Serial No. 293,761.u

This invention 'relates to a decorative illuminating device5 more specifically to a device ot the character used for the purpose of ornamenting birthday cakes andv the like.V

ln theordinary ornamentation of birthcakes and the like, the burningiot can-I dles thereon presents the great dise'idvantagev that the melted tallow or parafiin runs down or falls upon the cake, with resultant unsani-` tary conditions. Furthermore', the beautiful spectacle sought to be derived from the use ot candles is marred by the dripupon the candles, and the spotted condition of the top ofthe cake. Then again, the duration of the effect ot ordinaryl candles is limited by the size of the candles. In addition,soine candles burn faster than others so that an uneven apearance is presented to the eye afterL Furthermore, a construction is provided,

' applicable to birthday cakes of different sizes,

by means of which the effect ot vari-colored candles,- ot varied numbers of candles, of

various sizes of candles,l and of flowered d ecorations may be obtained.

Aturther'obj ect is to present an illuminating device for birthday cakes in which an ornamental support is provided fior main-rk of cake or the like. Y r y Other objects of this invention will in part be obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out.l y

The inventionaccordingly consists in the features ot construction, combination otaing said device with respect to various sizes elements, and arrangement `rot partsy whichy will be exemplified in the construction hereinafter described, and ot which the scope of Y application will be indicated in the following claims; 1

In the accompanying drawing, in which is shown one of the various possible illustrative embodiments of this invention7 Fig 1 is a side elevational view of an em-` bodiment of the invention, showing it mounted about a cake; i i 1 Fig. 2" is a plan view of the device, with some ot the lightsV removed;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged side elevational view of a portion of the embodiment, parts being lor lights.

broken away'. to illustrate the adjusting means and electrical connections;

F ig. l isa wiring diagram for a set-up in which twenty-four lights are used;

Fig. 5 is a sectional-view oi a modification and of the supporting and adjusting means Fig. 6 is a sectional view of an additional modification.V i l On the drawings, v10 indicatesy an embodilnient othe invention in which a flat, circular base 11, which carries the decorative teatureshereinafter described, is supported by means of columns 12 over a cakeVlB of the type ordinarily provided for festive occasions. The, base 11, made of wooden" or `any other material, easilycut aiid'shapedV and painted in an ornamental manner, is made up of twosections 11a and 11b, section'llb being separablek from section 11. Section 11b has formed in its under surface the circular grooves '121, 15 and 16, these grooves havingf communication with a passage' 17, likewise.' formed in the under surface of section 11", in

which passage and grooves are adapted kto be housed kthe* conductor wires 18 for the illuminating features to be described., These grooves are provided with openings `19 into l which are fitted'the ordinary sockets 19a for the reception ofstandard electricalV fixtures Asshown in Fig; 1, these openings :are so` I spaced that a pleasing appearance will be-` presented and ,so that aneasily variable arstandard candle light of thetrade which, as

shown in Fig. `3 at 21, may be built up toV any' desired height to present the appearance ofi a` very large candle. Single lengths may be inserted into the other sockets to display smaller candles'22. y

In order that the device 'may utilizethe miniature small voltage electric bulb ordinarily 'provided for Christmas ltreeforna- VmentationA and the like, the'device is wired `rangement ofi' lights may be produced. It is i possible'to insert in these sockets 19a ornamental lights of any type, as shownk at 20, or the in a mannershownV bythe wiring diagram in Fig. 4 so that eightn bulbs will-be in series to be supplied bythe normal vhouse line voltage. To make thisdevice easily applicable to vdifferent sizes of cake-the columns 12 are provided with means for varying the effective circumference of the supporting means and also the effective lheight of the plate 11.

The horizontal varying means is embodied in the slot 23 formed in the upper section 211 of the column 12. Screw 25 which retains this upper section 24 secured to section 11a also provides a ready means or allowing section 24 to be moved toward and away from plate 11 within a limited distance Section 24 is formed with a downturned leg 26 having a slot 27 in which is slidably mounted an adjustment Vscrew 28 which is received in the lower section 29 ot column 12 at screw hole 30. Section 29 is :termed with .2li and 29 may be varied so that the height of base l1 may be adjusted within a limited range.

ln Fig. 5 is disclosed a modification ot column 12 for adjustably supporting base 11, as indicated at 112, in which a base 32 is formed with an upwardly extending, preferably integral cylinder 33, encasing a threaded rod 34 secured to base 32. rlhreadedly mounted on rod 34C is an internally threaded cylinder 35`which by'means oit a lug 36, is mounted on an upper section 124i which upper section is provided with a slot L3 to coact with screw 25 on plate 11 in the manner described above as to section 24. By this arrangement, the etiect of an artistic column may be presented, thus enhancing the beauty ot the entire device.

ln Fig. 6, a further modification is presented in which cylinder 133 attached to base 132 is internally threaded to receive the threaden portion E36 at the end ot the smooth rodk 3?, said rod 37 being attached to the upper section 224i which is associated with the screw 25 for horizontal adjustment.

ln the construction presented above, it is possible to vary the movement oi' candles 21 and 22 to indicate ages within certain limits and it is -tuii'ther possible by means of decorative lights 2O to present an artistic eiiiect not before produced. I

It will thus be seen that there is provided a device in w iich the several objects ot this invention are achieved, and which is well adapted to meet the conditions ot practical use.

As various possible embodiments might be made oiE the above invention, and as various changes might be made in the embodiment above set forth, it is to be understood that all matter herein set forth or shown in the accom*- panying drawing is to be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

l-l'aving thus described my invention, l claim as new and desire to secure byLetters Patent i 1. A decorative lighting device lor a cake or the like object, comprising a plate having upstanding lighting elements mounted thereon, and means iter supporting said plate in overlying relation to such object, said means comprising a plurality of spaced members having radially extendinfr portions secured to said plate and vertical portions adapter to rest on abase, said members being adjustable ior accommodating objects of varying size.

2. A. decorative lighting device for a cake or the like object, lcomprising a plate, lightin o elements mounted thereon, and means lor supporting said plate in overlying relation to said object, said means comprising aplurality oit' radially and vertically7 extending members secured to said plate at spaced points thereon, said members being adjustable tor raising or lowering said plate to accommodate objects orp varying heights, said menjibers being further adjustable in a radial direction` for accommodating objects of varying horizontal cross-sectional area. Y

3. A decorative ,lighting device for a cake or the like objects, comprising` a plate, lighting elements mounted thereon, and means for supporting said plate in overlying relation to said object, said means comprising a plurality oii'radially and vertically extending members secured to said plate at spaced peints thereon, said members being` ,adjustable for raising or lowering said plato to acconnnodate objects of varying heights, said members being l'urther adjustable in a radial direction 'for accommodating objects oit varying horizontal cross-sectional area, said plate comprising two su )er-imnosed sections the upper one of said sections having a plurality of openings therein for receiving` said lighting elements, one ot said sections having a groove adjacent said other section for receiving the wiring for said elements.

ln testimony whereof I aliix my signature.

, .Louisfrnorn ico llO

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