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Publication numberUS1650051 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date22 Nov 1927
Filing date18 Oct 1923
Publication numberUS 1650051 A, US 1650051A, US-A-1650051, US1650051 A, US1650051A
InventorsHabby Ebibgmau Smith
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US 1650051 A
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Nov. 22, 1927. 1,650,051

H. 8. SMITH CLOTH BOARD, WINDER, 0R SIMILAR ARTICLE Filed 0612.18, 1923 lill/(III of the figures. The inturned ribs or beads 2 now act as spacers to maintain portions 5 and 6 of the cardboard in spaced` positions, the separation'of these portions decreasing inwardly to a point 7 Where the adjacent faces are in cont-act and adhesively secured together. "There are thus formed enlarged board vsheet 1 outside the creases or fold lines 2 are relatively narrow, a substantial space remains between the inner edges 10 of these marginal portions, as shown inFigure 1, and in that case another sheet'12 of similar or other suitable fibrous material is adhesively secured to the central portion of the main sheet 1 to fill the space between the edges 10 and produce a completely finished board having a perfectly smooth exterior surface, and with its entire longitudinal central portion of uniform thickness and with thickened or tubular edges as above described. The completed board, while consist-- ing of practically only two thicknesses of cardboard or the like, and very light in weight, has very substantial strength and stiffness especially against transverse bending, onaccount of the thickened or tubular edge structure, `and is amply strong for the purposes in view, and is evidently very inexpensive, owing to the simple methods by which it may be made and the small amount of inexpensive material required.y

Figure 3 illustrates a modification in which the margins et or portions outside the fold lines Q Figure 6, are much wider than in the case of Figure 1, sufficiently so that inward parts of these portions overlap, and no separate or additional facing sheet, such as 12 of Figure 1, is required. .To avoid any irregularity in the thickness ofthe board owing to the overlap of portions l, when such an irregularity is undesirable, the overlapping portions may be skived or beveled as at 14, adhesive being applied as indicated kby stippling to secure the skived portions together. Otherwise the structure may be substantially the same as in the case ofFigure 1.

Figure 5 .shows another modification in which the edges -16 of cardboard portions 4 are cut off straight and square and butt 6,0 jointed, that is brought closely together to provide a suitable edge connection without overlap or irregularity.

Vhen desired edge strips 20 of suitable material may be adhesivelyy secured along the longitudinal edges 8 of the completedl or in some cases may be of textile fabrics, Y

and they serve to present a decorative appearance and also to still further protect from injury delicate fabrics which maybe wound or lapped upon the board.

lVhat I claim is:

1. A cloth board or similar article comprising a main sheet of cardboard or similar fibrous material having a broad central portion and narrower marginal portions defined by longitudinal creases, saidmarginal portions being folded over and adhesively secured to the main central portion of the sheet, and the creases having inwardly projecting reenforcing portions providing longitudinal edges of substantial depth and rounded contour.

2. A cloth board or similar article composed of fibrous sheet material such Vas cardboard and consisting substantially of only two layers of the material adhesively secured together, portions of the -two layers being integrally joined by longitudinal edge portions of the board of substantial edge depth and of smooth andrrounded contour l and .including inwardly projecting beads, one face of the board being smooth and de void of any seam or joint and the other face including a smoothly finished joint consisting of edge portions of the material.

3. A cloth board or the like composed of a single sheet of fibrous material such as cardboard including a continuous broad portion and narrower portions folded on longitudinal fold lines which constitute the ledges of the board and adhesively secured to said broad portion of the sheet, and with closely meeting edges, said edge portions of the board being of depth substantially greater than twice the thickness of the sheet material and including integral inturned bead-crease members which space adjacent portionsl of the sheet away from each other'for a moderate distance inward from'said longitudinal edges.

Signed at Brooklyn. in the county of Kings and State of New York, this 5th day of Oct. A. D. 1923.



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U.S. Classification242/222, 156/202, 428/192, 428/60, 428/188
International ClassificationB65H75/06, B65H75/04
Cooperative ClassificationB65H75/06
European ClassificationB65H75/06