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Publication numberUS1527802 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date24 Feb 1925
Filing date17 Jan 1923
Priority date17 Jan 1923
Publication numberUS 1527802 A, US 1527802A, US-A-1527802, US1527802 A, US1527802A
InventorsHuggins Kenneth Levi
Original AssigneeHuggins Kenneth Levi
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Soundproof attachment for ear phones
US 1527802 A
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Feb 24, 1925- I 1,527,802

K. L. HUGGINS SOUNDPROOF ATTACHMENT FOR EAR PHONES Filed Jan. 17, 1923 Patented Feb. 24, 1925.




Application filed January 17, 1923. Serial No. 613,305.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, KENNETH LEVI HUG- cINs, a citizen of the United States, residing at South Hartford, in the county of Washington and State ofNew York, have invented a new and useful Soundp'roof Attachment for Ear Phones, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to an improvement in sound proof attachments for ear phones of all types which are made wholly or partially of rubberized material, especially radio ear phones.

My object of'this invention is to provide a satisfactory attachment to be placed on ear phones to keep out as far as possible all external noises which hinder and actually spoil the enjoyment of listening in on a radio and a very great help for the telephone operator and the aviator travelling under the thunderous'roar of an engine trying to listen to directions or orders being sent him from a station on land.

Also it is an invention which takes up but a very little space and can be manufactured at a reasonable cost.

lit can be taken oil" the phones without injuring them.

A further object of this invention is to provide an attachment of soft sponge like rubber which fits close to the head and takes some of the pressure of the ear phone off from the ear. It is of such a form that it will fit perfectly the contour of the head.

It is an invention with a small air vacuum space where it comes in contact with the head.

Other objects and reasons for this invention will be given later.

The drawing in Fig. I is a. set of ear phones on the head. As ear phones press tightly to the head I have held these out a small distance so as to show clearly the' cross sectioned view of this invention which clamps over the cap on the ear phone and presses against the head away from the ear and entirely enveloping the ear.

Fig. II is a side view cross sectioned showing how invention extends further out at the bottom of ear phone so as to fit in next 'to jaw bone under the ear.

FigIII is a view looking directly into ear p one w th in s tion en it Fig. IV is a back view of phone with invention on it showing partly how it is fastened on it.

Number. 1 in each of these drawings is an ear phone. Number 2 is the attachment of soft sponge like rubber where it comes in contact with the head or ear but made of hard and strong rubber in the other parts so as to hold it well in shape. Where the invention clamps over the cap on the ear phone it is made of soft flexible rubber so as it will stretch some when it is put on the phone.

Different views of this invention can be had by looking at all the figures. Number 3 in the several drawings are the two sheets or bands of soft rubber forming a V as the invention approaches the head. These are fairly stiff so as to take some of pressure of phone ofi head. The space 6 is intended as a dead air space through which it is hard for sound to penetrate and may be at less than atmospheric pressure in use. i

The ear 4 is kept from being pressed tightly to the head by the stifi rubber parts of the attachment 2. Small squares of rubber 5 are fastened to the back flange of 2 and can be vcemented on to the ear phone if necessary to hold the attachment firmly in place. But these can be left off. A strip 7 extends over the front of phone cap about one half inch. This is as thin as possibly can be made and still give good service. This strip 7 is made of solid rubher and is adapted to COHVQV the pressure of the head band through the main part of the attachment to the head instead of upon the ear. A. narrow strip of soft velvet 9 can be placed. on the front of the strip Z to take the wear off of the rubber and to make the ear phone set softly or head. An extension 8 on the lower part of the attachment is adapted to fit snugly under the jaw bone. The flange adapted to secure the back part of the receiver cap can be divided at one or more places 10 to make easy the attachment of the receiver and a band 11 of rubber can be cemented over the divided parts. The general shape of the attachment may be oval or round as desired.

, This inventioncan be used on any make of ear phones which, have rubber caps on them. Phones very in size so the invention will simply be made to fit them.

What I claim is:

An attachment for a telephone receiver comprising a, circular band of rubber, one edge of Which is adapted to fit the telephone receiver to secure the band to the receiver; the other edge of the band adapted to enclose the ear and fit the head of the user,

W said last named edge containing a groove whereby a. circular air pocket is provided at its line of contact with use-rs head.

In Witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 13th day of January, A. D. 1923.



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International ClassificationH04R5/033, H04R5/00
Cooperative ClassificationH04R5/0335, H04R1/1008, H04R1/1058
European ClassificationH04R1/10M