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Publication numberUS1525369 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date3 Feb 1925
Filing date28 Nov 1923
Priority date28 Nov 1923
Publication numberUS 1525369 A, US 1525369A, US-A-1525369, US1525369 A, US1525369A
InventorsEdmund F Campbell
Original AssigneeEdmund F Campbell
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Glare-preventing device for automobile headlights
US 1525369 A
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Feb. 3. 1925.

" E. F. CAMPBELL GLARE PREVENTING DEVICE FOR AUTOMOBILE HEADLIGHTS Filed NOV. 28, 1923 Emmi 'ampbell Patented Feb. s, 1925. 1,525,369



GLARE-PREVENTING DEVICE FOR AUTOMOBILE HEADLIGI-ITS. .Appiication filed November 28, 1923. Serial No. 677,486.

To all whom it may concern: bestos or the like heat resisting material Be it known that I, EDMUND F. CAMPBELL, between the shield and the lamp bulb.

citizen of the Dominion of Canada, residing The effect of this shield is to cut off the at Vancouver, in the Province of British light of the lamp 2 from the back end or 5 Columbia, Canada, have invented certain smaller curvature of the reflector 4, permitnew and useful Improvements in Glare-Preting the light to fall only on the outer zone venting Devices for Automobile Headlights, of the reflector. of which the following is a specification. At close range the light from the lamp This invention relates to a means preventbeing reflected from the outer Zone shows 1 ing the glare from an automobile headlight a central dark space, but at a further range reflector. the light rays, converging slightly, prevent 'Many devices have been adopted for rethis dark central portion from being seen ducing the glare from a headlight reflector as such.

or for dimming the light, but all such with The effect of this device in preventing 15 which I am acquainted are either ineffective glare is very marked, and the result is ator depend on a diminution of the light to tained without any sensible diminution of an extent as to render it practically useless the light as reflected forward. I attribute for illumination of the roadway. this result solely to the light not being The device, which is the subject of this allowed to fall on the inner end of the 0 application, is designed to prevent the light reflector.

of the lamp being reflected forward from I do not desire to be confined to the parthe back or smaller curvature of the paraticular form of shield here set forth as the bolic reflector in common use with such same may be a circular disc or the after lights, without lessening in any way the full part of the lamp bulb 2 may be coated with 25 outward projection of the light. an opaque non-reflecting material, the sub- The invention is particularly described in stance of the invention being the introducthe-following specification, reference being tion of a light obstructing screen between madeto the drawings by which it is accomthe back of the lamp bulb and the after so panied, in which: part of the parabolic reflector.

Fig. 1 is avertical section of the lamp The device is exceedingly simple and has and its reflector in the casing protecting the the further advantage that it is readily same, showing the application of the shield applicable to all existing lamps without any which is the particular subject of this aprequirement of change in existing parts. 135 plication. Having now particularly described my in- 55 Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation of the shield vention, I hereby declare that what I claim to an enlarged scale, and as new and desire to be protected in by Fig. 3, a face view of the same. Letters Patent, is:

In these drawings 2 represents the bulb A glare preventing means for a reflecting of the lamp, removably connected to its headlight which comprises the combination socket 3, and 4: is the parabolic reflector, with a lamp and its reflector and the lamp through the back end of which the lamp socket projecting through the reflector, of socket 3 is projected. 5 is the casing in a symmetrical shield of opaque material which the lamp and its reflector are suitably having a non-reflecting surface exposed to supported and 6 is the glass through which the light of the lamp and comprising a cup- ,the light is projected forward from the like member apertured to permit passage of reflector. the base of the lamp, a heat resisting washer Between the socket 3 and the lamp bulb 2 interposed between the shield and lamp bulb, is introduced a shield 8, preferably a segand a coil spring interposed between the mo mentof a sphere with non-reflecting surshield and reflector and encircling the socket, 50 faces. This shield 8 is held up to the lamp substantially as shown and described.

bulb 2 by a spring 10 between the reflector In testimony whereof I afliX my signature.

and the shield S with a washer 9 of as- EDMUND F. CAMPBELL.

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U.S. Classification362/256, 362/294
International ClassificationF21V7/09, F21V11/16
Cooperative ClassificationF21V7/09, F21S48/145
European ClassificationF21V7/09, F21S48/14D