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Publication numberUS1426026 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date15 Aug 1922
Filing date1 Apr 1921
Priority date1 Apr 1921
Publication numberUS 1426026 A, US 1426026A, US-A-1426026, US1426026 A, US1426026A
InventorsWebster Oscar A
Original AssigneeAllen Wrench & Tool Company
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Attachment for vise jaws
US 1426026 A
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TION FILED APR. 1, 192i.

1 ,42 6,026. Patented Aug. 15, 1922.

gmawilo'a asteur/r? $65625:



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed. April 1, 1921. Serial No. 457,602.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, OscAn A. VVEBs'rER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Edgewood, in the county of Providence and State of Rhode Island, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in At tachments for Vise Jaws, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to vise-jaw attachments for bending work, and the object of this invention is to provide a'pair of 00- operating members adapted to be independently supported on opposite jaws of the vise, one of the members being provided with a pair of vertically-disposed ribs on its working surface while the other is provided with a single vertically-disposed rib located at the point intermediate the pair of ribs on the opposite jaw whereby closing action of the jaws will bend the piece of work engaged by the ribs, the device being especially adapted for use in bending or straightening connecting rods but which may be employed for bending any kind of work for which it is adapted.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, as will be more fully described, and particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating my improvedwork-bending vise-jaws, also showing a portion of a pair of vise-jaws to which my improved shoes are applied.

Figure 2 is a top view illustrating my improved work-bending vise-jaw shoes as gripping and bending a piece of work by action of the ribs in the working faces of the shoes.

Figure 3 is a face view of the jaw having a pair of spaced-apart work-bending ribs.

With reference to the drawings, 10 designates one of the vise-jaw shoes which is preferably formed like a cap to fit over the jaw 11 of the vise, the top portion 12 resting on the top of the vise jaw while the vertical plate portion 13 engages the working face of the jaw. On this vertical plate I have mounted two vertically-disposed spaced apart ribs 14 which extend across the gripping-jaw working face of the plate 13.

On the opposite jaw 15 ofthe vise I have shown a corresponding shoe member 16 having a top plate 17 and a front working plate 18 which extends down across the gripping face of the vise jaw. This vertical plate 18 is provided with a single vertically-disposed rib 19 which is located about midway the length of the shoe and in posi- I Patented Aug, 15, 1922.

vise and are adapted more particularly for bending the connecting rods of engines to obtain the proper alinement of their bearings,

but whichmay be used on any other work.

This bending effect is obtained much more quickly and accurately by my .improved vise shoes by the gripping pressure of the vises than could be obtained by the old method which is that of pounding the work with a hammer and by my improved method of bending, the work is not mutilated and no unsightly marks are left as in the case Where a hammer is used for this purpose.

The device is extremely simple and practical in construction and by its use Work may be quickly and accurately bent into the desired shape, or when bent may be accurately straightened into alinement.

The foregoing description is directed solely towards the construction illustrated, but I desire it to be understood that I reserve the privilege of resorting to all the mechanical changes to which the device is susceptible, the invention being defined and limited only by the terms of the appended claim.

I claim: 7

A work-bending attachment for vise-jaws, comprising a pair of cooperating shoes shaped to approximately fit and be independently supported on the opposite jaws of the vise, one shoe having a pair of vertically-disposed widely-separated ribs and the other shoe having a single rib located to engage the Work at a point intermediate the pair on the opposite jaw whereby a closing action of the jaws bends the work engaged by said ribs.

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U.S. Classification72/474, 269/269
International ClassificationB25B1/24, B25B1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB25B1/2452
European ClassificationB25B1/24B4