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Publication numberUS125931 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date23 Apr 1872
Publication numberUS 125931 A, US 125931A, US-A-125931, US125931 A, US125931A
InventorsAlexander W. Brinkerhoff
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Improvement in hand corn-huskers
US 125931 A
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Improvement in Hand Corn-Husker.

NO. 125,931. 7 PatentedApril23,1872.r




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 125,931, dated April 23, 1872; antedated April 9, 1872.


To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALEXANDER W. BRINK- ERHOFF, of Upper Sandusky, in the county of Wyandot and State of Ohio, have invented new and useful Improvements in Devices for Husking Corn by Hand; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof.

The nature of my invention consists in the use of a swivel ring or clasp, to hold the device upon the hand, in combination with a plate or bar having upon its ends the points used in separating the husks, so that either end of the device may be used on either hand, and the plate or bar be allowed free motion upon the clasp, so as to rest in the proper position in the hand without afl'ecting the position of the ring or clasp, whereby the lingers may be saved from injury from the clasp.

The drawing, forming part of this specification, fully explains this device, in which- Figure l is a perspective view of the whole device. Fig. 2 is an edge view of the device. Fig. 3 is an edge view of the clasp alone, showing the laterally-bent shank.

To enable-others skilled in the art to construct and use my invention, I will now proceed to explain the mode of its construction and use.

Plate A, having its ends pointed for penetrating the husks and an opening to receive the shank of ring or clasp a, may be struck out of heavy sheet metal and formed by dies as desired; but the more desirable method is to cast them in proper form, then make them malleable and tin them, when they are ready to receive the clasps. The .clasps and plates 7 are both made of various sizes to suit different hands. Some persons desire to use a longpointed device, while others prefer the point to project but little beyond the outside of the first finger; and, therefore, to accommodate both in the use of the same device, I place the opening to receive the shank or pivot of the clasp from one-fourth to one-half inch nearer one end than the other, and the operator can turn the plate on his hand and use either end desired. The plate is slightly raised or curved upward at its center and points to fit the hand and ball of thumb when closed upon it, and its under side is rounded, so as to fit easily within the hand. The clasp I) is formed of Wire about one-eighth of an inch in diameter, with a short pin or shank at its upper end to pass through the opening cin plate A, and is held in position, after inserted, by placing on its point a small washer, d, and then riveting or brazing to unite them, allowing room enough for plate A to turn easily on the pin or shank e in reversing ends. Pin or shank c is bent laterally to the plane of the clasp, so as to make the face of the plate A rest directly toward the ball of the thumb when on the hand, and thereby allow the clasp or ring to retain at all times its natural position upon the finger.

With this device, thus constructed, it is impossible to produce blisters on or injure the finger upon which the clasp is worn. It at once furnishes a cheap, simple, efi'ective, and easily-worn deviceone accommodating the operator in choice of length of point used, and one which cannot injure the hand, and one which is very durable.

Having thus fully described my device, (which is used in the ordinary manner of other devices of a similar character,) what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-

The hand corn-husker herein described and shown, consisting of the plate A, having its ends pointed, and the swivel-clasp b, all constructed and arranged to operate substantially as specified.




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Cooperative ClassificationA47J17/02