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Publication numberUS1249439 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date11 Dec 1917
Filing date7 Feb 1917
Priority date7 Feb 1917
Publication numberUS 1249439 A, US 1249439A, US-A-1249439, US1249439 A, US1249439A
InventorsWilliam C Mccoy
Original AssigneeWilliam C Mccoy
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US 1249439 A
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W. C. McCOY.


APPLICATION vma- FEB l1.19m I Patented Dec. 11, 1917.




'WM Patented Deu. 11,1917.




Specification of Letters Patenti i Pat-(eiltd lDon.. lill, 1917.;

Application filed February 7, 1917. Serial No.` 147,200.

To all whom it may concern l Beit known that 1, VVILLAM C. McCoy, a

1 citizen, of the United States, residing at .i comprising a VVplurality of elements n each mobile, and the primary object of `the inventionis to produce anarticle of this character adapted for a separate use which willl rest,

one withinthe other, in such a manner that i theaccidental disassocia'tiony thereof will be prevented, regardless `ofthe vibrations of the car. i i i lt is also my purpose to produce a tool box adapted to be fixed to the running board of an automobile Vand within which box is nested a plurality of members designed each to facilitate in the repairingvof broken or disconnectedfparts of thev machine, and whereby theynecessary tools orjimplements carried by then'ested members may be re# moved separately or ina body and arranged in a position convenient to the operator.

' I alsoaim to produce a tool box which is adapted to be permanently attachedto the vrunning boa-rd of an automobile ywithin l which is nested a plurality ofdevices each adapted to serve a separate function in therepair or in the upkeep of the machine, one of said elements having its sides arranged with radially disposed partitions and between each ofthe partitions is arranged a springmember whereby a tool of a different nature may bedepositedwithin each ofV the compartments and held therein by the pressure` of the spring thereon," 'the said element being provided with interior" spring elements l designed to retain-the centralnestefdmeinber therein, the box being provided with a hinged closure'comprising athollow member divided into a pluralityf of compartments, and each of thesaid compartments'being provided with a hinged door and being designed to receive separate articles.` y

y'It is astill further object of the invention to produce a` device of this` character which A shall embody the desirable features of cheapv nessandfsimplicity. A

With the above and other objects 1n view the improvementresldes in the construction,

combination land arrangement `of parte set forthin the following specification and falling within the scope of the appended claims.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating the application of the improvement,

Fig. 2 is a central vertical longitudinal sectional view through the improvement,

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken. at right angles to that of Fig.V 2 but illustratingthe closures for the box in its openposition.

Fig; 41 is a perspective view of the combined tool and lantern holding member, and

Fig. '5 is a top plan view of the same.

`Secured to thc running board 1 of an ordi-` nary automobile is the casing Q of any' iinproved tool box. The casing may be` con.- structed ofany desired material, metal pre` ferred, and may be also of any desired shape and size, that illustrated by the drawings being in thenature of a tubular member having a closed bottom and an open top, the

bottom being provided with apertures through which pass the elements which secure the casing to the running board and the open top having hingedly secured thereto a closure. 3f The closure comprises a iianged l member' and is interiorly providedwith a plurality of spaced box-like compartments L and 5, thecompartments 4L being disposed in a line approximately central of the closure and the compartmentsV 5 being arranged at a` l closure 8 for the casing 2, and eachof the compartments 1i and 5l is designed toreceive a suitable article that may be necessary to the automobilist should'his' machine moet with an accidentf The closure 3 forthe casing f2, `opposite its `hinged connection with the casingiis providedV withal` hasp 8 adapted to engage with a staple 9 provided upon the casing, while the shackle of alock 10 may be received in the staple to lock the closure upon the casing. p

Arranged within the casing 2 is a bucket member 11, the same having its top provided with a bead 12 and `its bottomlikewise provided withY a bead 13, and `these beads may be` inthelnature of spring members to exert a tension against theinner surface of the casing to prevent the longivthe casing, or the said beads may frictionally engage with thezsaid inner surface of the casing 2 to eifectively retain the bucket therein.

employed when removed from the boX, as a drinking receptacle, ras a means for filling the radiator of the machine, as a means for conveying gasolene or as a washing trough.

' The numeral 15 designates the combined tool and lantern'holder. The member 15 is in the nature of a tube but preferably has its bottom closed. Secured upon the outer periphery of the tubular member 15' is a plurality of-radially disposed compartments 16. Each of these compartments is preferably formed of anv angle member including a rounded body portion 1,7` and angularly disposed side anges 18. The flanges 18 of the respective channeled members are adapted to abutand may be connected while the body member-,17 of each of the said channel y members vmay bev likewise secured to the body of the'tube 15. vConnected, as vat 19, tothe outer periphery of the tubulark .ineinber 15 are flat'bowed spring members 20, one being disposed in each of the compartments'l and the edges of the channeled members are adapted to frictionally con-A tact with the inner surface of the bucket' Y member 11 when the said member 15 is nested in the bucket. rIhe Ainner wall of the bucket, it will bethus noted, provides thel thus-more eectively retaining the member 15 nested in the bucket member 11.

Securedwithin. the tubular member 15 at a suitable distancev above the kclosed bottom thereof, are bowed springs 23, the same eX- i tending downwardlytowardl the bottomV of the said member 15, and these springs are adapted to eXerta pressure againstthe base 24 of a lantern member 25 when the latter is nested vin the tubular member 15. By this arrangement it will be noted that the lantern member may be 'easily positioned or readily removed fromthe member 15.

VThe arrangement whereby a great num# ber of tools may be conveniently carried upon't'he automobile shouldappeal to those skilled -in the art to which such inventions appel-tain, while the lantern forms a convenient, if not necessary, adjunct t'o Vthe tools and .the bucket. Y The advantages of the lan-V ternare numerous, as should the lights upon Ceniesvof this patenty may he obtained for This bucket forms an important part of this invention, as the same may be the machine fail the lanternis available. Should the machine stall for want of gasolene Vor lubricant in the night time the lantern will serve to guide the operator to a 'place where gasolene or lubricant may be obtained, while still again, when repairs are to be made in the night or day, beneath the car, the lantern will' be found of great convenience in the aid of the operator. In addition to this the bucket, when placed in a convenient position with respect to the operator may rbe employed for holding nuts, bolts or the like which otherwise might bc misplaced or which when deposited upon the ground will become dirty requiring cleaning before the replacement thereof.

Having thus described the invention, whatI claim is:

1. In a tool box for the purpose set forth, an outer casing having a hinged closure, a plurality of members nested in said casing, one of said members having radially disposed compartments upon the outer face thereof, spring members in the compartments, elements adapted to be arranged within the compartments to Contact with the springs to force the said springs into engagement with the adjacent nested member, springs upon the inner surface of the referred to member designedv to engage with the innermost nested member to retain the same in the said referredto member.

2. In a tool boX designed to be attached to an automobile, a casing having a hinged closure, compartmentsin the closure, doors for the compartments, a plurality of members nested in the casing, and spring means between. all of said members designed to engage with the adjacent member whereby to retain the said members in the casing.

3. In a tool boX for automobiles, a casing attached to the running board of the automobile and comprising a cylindrical member, a closure for the member, compartments upon the closure, certain of which being arranged at a right angle to` the other compartments, closures for each of the compartments, aY plurality of members nested one within the other and in the casing, spring means upon the outer member contacting with the casing, the next adjacent member having its `outer periphery provided'with aV plurality of channel members having their edges contacting and the said edges engaging with the first mentioned member, springs within the channel, springs within the last mentioned member adjacent the bottomthereof and said last mentioned springs contacting with the innermost member for removably retaining the same in the second mentioned member.

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature.


five Acents eachLby addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. 0."

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