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Publication numberUS1211182 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date2 Jan 1917
Filing date17 Feb 1916
Priority date17 Feb 1916
Publication numberUS 1211182 A, US 1211182A, US-A-1211182, US1211182 A, US1211182A
InventorsEdward H Kruse
Original AssigneeEdward H Kruse
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Mounting-strip for switch-boxes.
US 1211182 A
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Patented J an 2, 1917.


Jag %W/wmr0n v ATTORNEY,

I To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, EDWARD H. Know, a citizen of the United States of America, and resident of Fort Wayne, in the county of Allen and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Mounting-Strips for Switch-Boxes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in mounting strips for switch-boxes, and is intended particularly for holdingin place boxes of that type ordinarily installed in buildings for containing electrical switches.

The objects ofthe invention are to provide strips constructed so as to be readilyand permanently positioned by the use of ordinary nails, and also to so form the strips as to facilitatethe attachment of the box boxes in connection with the strips, as well as to hold the boxes in the intended position.

The objects of the invention are accomplished by the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is an elevation showing a switchbox mounted in a pair of strips embodying the invention, the strips being positioned on the studding of a building; Fig. 2 is a perspective view showing a portion of one of the strips, viewed from the back; and Fig. a detail view showing a portion of Fig.

1 on the line ww thereof.

. Similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views and referring now to the same: (A) is a metallic supporting strip, the margins of which are folded so as to extend in parallel planes and with an intervening space (B) therebetween. The front portion (G) of the strip-has a bead (D) formed along its edge, and the rear portion (E) extends somewhat beyond the edge of the front portion and has made therein a series of bosses (F) that project from its front face toward the front portion. These bosses are made In the strip by depressing the corresponding parts. of

the back thereof. A series of holes (G) 'is' made in the strip, the holes being in opposite pairs, there being holesin both portions thereof. The strips aremade of convenient lengths so as to be fastened readily with their ends attached respectivelyto corre-' MOUNTING- STRIP FOR SWITCH-BOXES. I I

Patented Jan. 2, 1917., Application filed February 1%, 1916. Serial No. 78,8 45.



sponding studs (H), and the holes (G) are .so

spaced apart that-by shifting the strip hori-' zontally .a pair of holes may be brought into alinementwith each of the studs-so that ,nalls (A) may be driven through the holes into the studs and thereby secure the strip.

in place. It is the intention to secure the stripsto the studs in pairs with their open sides toward each other so that the brackets (J) that extend from the top and bottom of the switch-box (K) may extend into the strips correspondingly. The brackets are held snugly between the folded sides of the number of other boxes be required, as in formlng a group, they may be secured to the strip by'inserting their brackets at one end into the-strip. The protruding edge of the back portion (E) facilitates the insertion of the brackets as it serves as a guide for directing the end of the bracket into the space (B). When the boxes have been arranged in connection with the nailed strip, another stripis then placed 1n connection .with the brackets at the opposite ends of the boxes and when so secured the is also nailed to the studding. i:

1 What I claim -is:

1. A mounting strip consisting of a fold ed metallic plate, the folded portions being spaced apart, the back portion extending beyond the edge of the front portion therelatter strip of, the front portion having a bead forinedtherein along-its. edge,'and the back portion having a series of bosses that project toward the front portion, said strip having holes made therein that extend through both por- '2. A-mounti ng strip consisting of a folded metallic plate, the folded portions being spaced apart, the back portion 'extendin above the edge of the front portion thereo 'the frontv :portion having a bead formed thereinalong its edge. f

3. A noounting stripconsisting' of a folded metallic plate, the folded portions being and the back part being straight, its upper edge extending above the planeof the front 10 part. I A y In testimony whereof I aflix my signature,

in presence of two Witnesses.

v EDWARD H. Knnsn. Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationY10S248/906, G09F7/18