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Publication numberDE954422 C
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1954F0015407
Publication date20 Dec 1956
Filing date8 Aug 1954
Priority date13 Jul 1953
Also published asUS2744103, US2897187
Publication numberDE 954422 C, DE 954422C, DE-C-954422, DE1954F0015407, DE954422 C, DE954422C
InventorsDipl-Ing Wilhelm Koch
ApplicantHoechst Ag
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Verfahren zur Herstellung einer festen, haltbaren Diazoniumverbindung A process for preparing a solid, durable diazonium compound translated from German
DE 954422 C
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*DE93109C Title not available
International ClassificationC09B43/00, C09B29/08, C07C43/29
Cooperative ClassificationC09B43/00, C07C43/29, C09B29/08
European ClassificationC07C43/29, C09B29/08, C09B43/00