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Publication numberDE69933700 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1999633700
Publication date30 Nov 2006
Filing date19 Dec 1999
Priority date12 Jan 1999
Also published asCA2363831A1, CA2363831C, CN1157022C, CN1333963A, CN1545246A, CN100376093C, DE69933700T2, EP1145494A2, EP1145494B1, US6473608, US6985713, US7006815, US7257724, US7327743, US7421290, US7437217, US7813752, US8559996, US9606596, US20020191553, US20030036819, US20040266492, US20050003795, US20050041800, US20050049758, US20060091865, US20070135155, US20140018970, US20170060228, WO2000041496A2, WO2000041496A3
Publication number1999633700, 99633700, DE 69933700 D1, DE 69933700D1, DE-D1-69933700, DE1999633700, DE69933700 D1, DE69933700D1, DE99633700
InventorsAmir Lehr, Ilan Atias, Dror Korcharz, David Pincu
ApplicantPowerdsine Ltd
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Strukturiertes verkabelungssystem zur gleichzeitigen bereitstellung der elektrischen energie und datenkommunikationen Structured cabling system for the simultaneous provision of electrical energy and data communications translated from German
DE 69933700 D1
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International ClassificationH04L12/44, G06F1/26, H04L29/00, H04L29/06, H04L29/08, H04L12/10, H02G3/38, H02G3/00
Cooperative ClassificationG06F1/3287, G06F1/26, G05F1/66, H04L12/10, H02G3/00, H04M19/08, H04L69/323, H04L12/44, H04L29/06
European ClassificationH04M19/08, G05F1/66, H04L29/06, H04L12/44, G06F1/26, H04L12/10
Legal Events
29 Nov 20078364No opposition during term of opposition