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Publication numberDE69906654 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1999606654
Publication date15 May 2003
Filing date22 Sep 1999
Priority date29 Sep 1998
Also published asDE69906654T2, EP0992186A1, EP0992186B1, US6336066
Publication number1999606654, 99606654, DE 69906654 D1, DE 69906654D1, DE-D1-69906654, DE1999606654, DE69906654 D1, DE69906654D1, DE99606654
InventorsRoger Pellenc, Antoine Bourely
ApplicantPellenc Sa
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Benutzungsverfahren von landwirtschaftlichen standortdaten zur kultivationsoptimierung von überjärigen pflanzen plants use methods of agricultural location data to kultivationsoptimierung of überjärigen translated from German
DE 69906654 D1
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International ClassificationA01B79/00
Cooperative ClassificationA01B79/005
European ClassificationA01B79/00P
Legal Events
6 May 20048364No opposition during term of opposition