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Publication numberDE69808711 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998608711
Publication date21 Nov 2002
Filing date28 Aug 1998
Priority date29 Aug 1997
Also published asDE69808711T2, EP0899712A2, EP0899712A3, EP0899712B1, US6181314
Publication number1998608711, 98608711, DE 69808711 D1, DE 69808711D1, DE-D1-69808711, DE1998608711, DE69808711 D1, DE69808711D1, DE98608711
InventorsYoshiharu Nakajima, Toshikazu Maekawa
ApplicantSony Corp
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Spaltentreiber für eine Flussigkristall-Anzeigeeinrichtung mit Aktiver Matrix Column driver for a liquid-crystal display device with active matrix translated from German
DE 69808711 D1
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International ClassificationG02F1/133, G09G3/36, G09G3/20
Cooperative ClassificationG09G3/2011, G09G2330/021, G09G3/3688, G09G2310/0248, G09G2310/0291, G09G2310/027, G09G3/3685
European ClassificationG09G3/20G2, G09G3/36C14
Legal Events
13 Nov 20038364No opposition during term of opposition