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Publication numberDE69700139 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1997600139
Publication date22 Apr 1999
Filing date25 Feb 1997
Priority date20 Mar 1996
Also published asDE69700139T2, EP0796612A1, EP0796612B1, US6004567, US6132745
Publication number1997600139, 97600139, DE 69700139 D1, DE 69700139D1, DE-D1-69700139, DE1997600139, DE69700139 D1, DE69700139D1, DE97600139
InventorsPatricia Marchi-Lemann, Annick Collette, Myriam Mellul
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Nanopigmente-enthaltende kosmetische Zusammensetzungen Nanopigments-containing cosmetic compositions translated from German
DE 69700139 D1
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International ClassificationA61K8/00, A61Q17/04, A61K8/25, A61K8/02, A61Q1/02, A61Q1/10, A61K8/89, A61K8/891, A61Q1/04, A61Q1/00, A61Q1/06, A61K8/04, A61Q1/12
Cooperative ClassificationY10S977/926, Y10S514/937, Y10S977/775, Y10S514/938, B82Y5/00, A61Q17/04, A61K2800/43, A61K2800/412, A61Q1/02, A61K2800/262, A61K8/0241
European ClassificationB82Y5/00, A61Q1/02, A61Q17/04, A61K8/02N
Legal Events
28 Feb 20028339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee