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Publication numberDE69633351 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1996633351
Publication date14 Oct 2004
Filing date27 Jun 1996
Priority date30 Jun 1995
Also published asCA2224706A1, CA2224706C, CA2365087A1, CA2365087C, CA2376313A1, CA2376313C, CA2376319A1, CA2376319C, CA2376321A1, CA2376321C, CA2378873A1, CA2378873C, CA2378885A1, CA2378885C, CA2645140A1, CA2645140C, CA2848679A1, CN1095257C, CN1192304A, CN1254933C, CN1492609A, CN1790932A, CN1790932B, CN1905387A, CN1905388A, CN1905388B, CN1905389A, CN1905390A, CN1905391A, CN1909387A, DE835593T1, DE984577T1, DE986186T1, DE986187T1, DE986188T1, DE991205T1, DE996239T1, DE1156593T1, DE1213845T1, DE1213846T1, DE1213854T1, DE02005245T1, DE69617429D1, DE69617429T2, DE69620884D1, DE69620884T2, DE69624242D1, DE69624242T2, DE69633351T2, DE69634098D1, DE69634098T2, DE69634275D1, DE69634275T2, DE69634346D1, DE69634346T2, DE69634389D1, DE69634389T2, DE69634390D1, DE69634390T2, DE69635140D1, DE69635140T2, DE69635287D1, DE69635287T2, DE69635315D1, DE69635315T2, DE69638368D1, EP0835568A2, EP0835568B1, EP0835593A2, EP0835593B1, EP0836770A2, EP0836770B1, EP0984577A2, EP0984577A3, EP0984577B1, EP0986186A2, EP0986186A3, EP0986186B1, EP0986187A2, EP0986187A3, EP0986187B1, EP0986188A2, EP0986188A3, EP0986188B1, EP0991205A2, EP0991205A3, EP0996239A2, EP0996239A3, EP1156593A2, EP1156593A3, EP1156593B1, EP1158702A2, EP1158702A3, EP1158702B1, EP1213845A2, EP1213845A3, EP1213845B1, EP1213846A2, EP1213846A3, EP1213846B1, EP1213846B9, EP1213854A2, EP1213854A3, EP1213854B1, EP1237293A2, EP1237293A3, EP1237293B1, EP1603248A2, EP1603248A3, EP1615350A2, EP1615350A3, EP1933470A2, EP1933470A3, EP2164184A1, EP2164184B1, EP2259450A2, EP2259450A3, EP2259634A2, EP2259634A3, EP2273689A2, EP2273689A3, EP2273689B1, EP2285168A2, EP2285168A3, EP2285169A2, EP2285169A3, EP2285170A2, EP2285170A3, US5748687, US5796776, US5799010, US5912919, US5991329, US5991332, US6212174, US6215778, US6229843, US6272168, US6381264, US6456608, US6633600, US6674788, US6674791, US6707805, US6721301, US6744809, US6873645, US6983009, US6985467, US7502406, US7593453, US7756190, US8737363, US9564963, US20010015998, US20010030973, US20020044539, US20020051482, US20020061050, US20020106007, US20020118653, US20020118722, US20020118729, US20030193914, US20040071198, US20040165654, US20050243897, US20090103508, US20100002752, US20100272155, US20110158202, US20110194571, US20140348135, WO1997002665A2, WO1997002665A3, WO1997002675A2, WO1997002675A3, WO1997002714A2, WO1997002714A3
Publication number1996633351, 96633351, DE 69633351 D1, DE 69633351D1, DE-D1-69633351, DE1996633351, DE69633351 D1, DE69633351D1, DE96633351
InventorsGary Lomp, Fatih Ozluturk, Avi Silverberg
ApplicantInterdigital Tech Corp
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Verfahren zur Übertragung zu den mobilen Stationen von Auskünften über die Verfügbarkeit von Kanälen in einem CDMA System. A method for transmitting to the mobile stations of information on the availability of channels in a CDMA system. translated from German
DE 69633351 D1
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International ClassificationH04B1/707, H04B1/7077, H04J13/16, H04L5/14, H04B15/00, H04N1/333, H04L27/30, H03H17/06, G06F13/374, H03H17/02, H04K1/00, H04J13/00, H04W52/04, H04J13/10, H04L27/00, H04B7/26, H03K3/84, H04J11/00, H04L7/00, H04L7/033, H04B1/711, H04B1/7115, H04B1/708, H04B1/7075, H04B1/7085, H04B1/7093, H04J13/12, H04B1/709, H04B1/712, H04W52/24, H04L1/00, H04W52/14, H04B7/005, H04L25/02, H04L27/20, H04B7/216, H04B17/00, H04L27/233
Cooperative ClassificationY02D10/14, G06F13/374, H04N1/00912, H04N1/3333, Y02B60/1228, H04J13/16, H04W52/367, H04N2201/3335, H04B2201/70707, H03H17/0226, H03H17/06, H04L5/1446, H04L1/0047, H04B7/2628, H04B2201/70703, H04B1/7077, H04W52/36, H04W52/54, H04W52/146, H04L1/0042, H04B1/709, H04B1/7075, H04B1/7085, H04W52/241, H04L1/0059, H04B1/7093, H04W52/346, H04L1/0054, H04B1/70755, H04W52/325, H04B1/70754, H04B1/707, H04W52/322, H04W52/50, H04W52/04, H04W52/343, H04J13/107, H04J13/004, H04W52/26, H04W52/245, H04W52/52, H04B1/70753, Y02B60/50, H04L25/0212, H04W52/44, H04B2201/70701, H04B7/264, H04L1/004, H04J13/12, H04J2013/0037, H04W52/262, H04J13/00, H04W52/60, H04W52/247, H04L2027/003, H04B1/708, H04B1/70758, H04B2201/7071, H04B2201/70702, H04L2027/0053, H04L1/0001, H04J13/10, H04B1/7115, H04J13/0077, H04L27/206, H04L27/2332, H04W52/08, H04J13/0048, H04W52/24, H04B1/711, H04W52/143, H04B1/712, H04B7/2637
European ClassificationH04W52/04, H04W52/26M, H04J13/10, H04B1/707, H04L1/00B7C, H04J13/10A2, H04B1/7075L, H04B1/7075A3, H04B1/7093, H04B1/7075, H04L1/00B3E, H04B1/7075E, H04B1/708, H04B1/711, H04B1/7085, H04B1/709, H04B1/7075C, H04W52/24G, H04L27/20D2B, H04W52/24, H04W52/50, H04W52/08, H04W52/34L, H04L1/00B, H04W52/52, H04W52/32C, H04W52/24R, H04W52/32B, H04B7/26S8, H04J13/00, H04W52/34N, H04W52/14D, H04L27/233C, H04L25/02C3
Legal Events
20 Oct 20058364No opposition during term of opposition