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Publication numberDE69618582 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1996618582
Publication date21 Feb 2002
Filing date15 May 1996
Priority date31 May 1995
Also published asCA2220186A1, DE69618582T2, EP0828468A1, EP0828468B1, US5562645, WO1996038111A1
Publication number1996618582, 96618582, DE 69618582 D1, DE 69618582D1, DE-D1-69618582, DE1996618582, DE69618582 D1, DE69618582D1, DE96618582
InventorsWarren Tanzer, Louis Robinson, Fung-Jou Chen, Joseph Kamps, Francis Sallee
ApplicantKimberly Clark Co
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Artikel mit weicher absorbierender zellstoffschicht Articles with soft absorbent cellulose layer translated from German
DE 69618582 D1
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International ClassificationA61F13/15, A61F13/53, A61F13/49, A61F5/44, D04H1/40, D04H1/44
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/53, A61F13/534, A61F13/5323, A61F13/15203
European ClassificationA61F13/15J, A61F13/53, A61F13/532B, A61F13/534
Legal Events
23 Jan 20038363Opposition against the patent
17 Nov 20058331Complete revocation