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Publication numberDE69501540 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995601540
Publication date4 Jun 1998
Filing date17 Oct 1995
Priority date18 Oct 1994
Also published asCA2160767A1, CA2160767C, DE69501540D1, EP0711548A1, EP0711548B1, US5599852, US5728752
Publication number1995601540, 95601540, DE 69501540 T2, DE 69501540T2, DE-T2-69501540, DE1995601540, DE69501540 T2, DE69501540T2, DE95601540
InventorsAngelo G Scopelianos, Steven C Arnold, Rao S Bezwada, Mark B Roller, Shawn T Huxel
ApplicantEthicon Inc
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Injiziebare Microdispersionen zur Ausbesserung und Vermehrung von Weichteilgewebe Injiziebare Micro dispersions for the repair and growth of soft tissue translated from German
DE 69501540 T2
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International ClassificationA61K9/107, A61K9/00, A61L27/00, A61K47/34, A61J1/05, A61F2/02, A61F2/12, A61L27/18
Cooperative ClassificationA61K9/0024, A61K47/34, A61L27/18
European ClassificationA61L27/18, A61K47/34, A61K9/00M5D