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Publication numberDE69501503 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995601503
Publication date30 Apr 1998
Filing date11 Apr 1995
Priority date12 Apr 1994
Also published asCA2186020A1, DE69501503D1, EP0755334A1, EP0755334B1, US5451478, WO1995027622A1
Publication number1995601503, 95601503, DE 69501503 T2, DE 69501503T2, DE-T2-69501503, DE1995601503, DE69501503 T2, DE69501503T2, DE95601503
InventorsRoger Boggs, Yves Conturie, Edward Lindholm, Warren Slafer, Stephen Telfer, Michael Zuraw
ApplicantPolaroid Corp
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Diapositiv empfangsblatt Receiving sheet slide translated from German
DE 69501503 T2
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International ClassificationB41M5/28, B41M5/327, B41M5/30, B41M5/34, G03C1/73, B41M5/323, B41M5/40, B41M5/46, B41M5/382
Cooperative ClassificationB41M5/3275, B41M5/38214, B41M5/323, B41M5/465
European ClassificationB41M5/382A2, B41M5/323