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Publication numberDE69431996 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1994631996
Publication date13 Feb 2003
Filing date6 Oct 1994
Priority date8 Oct 1993
Also published asCA2133377A1, CA2133377C, DE69431146D1, DE69431146T2, DE69431996T2, DE69434677D1, DE69434677T2, EP0647431A2, EP0647431A3, EP0647431B1, EP1027866A2, EP1027866A3, EP1027866B1, EP1300116A2, EP1300116A3, EP1300116B1, US5674229, US5728107
Publication number1994631996, 94631996, DE 69431996 D1, DE 69431996D1, DE-D1-69431996, DE1994631996, DE69431996 D1, DE69431996D1, DE94631996
InventorsStephen W Zlock, David A Nicholas, Corbett W Stone, Richard N Granger
ApplicantUnited States Surgical Corp
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Lademechanismus für chirurgisches Nähinstrument Loading mechanism for a surgical suturing instrument translated from German
DE 69431996 D1
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International ClassificationA61B17/04, A61B17/28, A61B17/06
Cooperative ClassificationA61B2017/06019, A61B2017/06033, A61B2017/0479, A61B17/2909, A61B2017/2919, A61B17/0401, A61B17/0491, A61B2017/06085, A61B2017/292, A61B17/06114, A61B2017/2936, A61B17/0625, A61B2017/06047, A61B2017/0609, A61B17/0469
European ClassificationA61B17/04E, A61B17/29H, A61B17/062N
Legal Events
5 Feb 20048364No opposition during term of opposition