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Publication numberDE69430592 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1994630592
Publication date13 Jun 2002
Filing date18 Aug 1994
Priority date18 Aug 1993
Also published asCA2146540A1, CA2205434A1, CA2205434C, DE69418693D1, DE69418693T2, DE69430592T2, EP0666233A1, EP0666233A4, EP0666233B1, EP0843038A1, EP0843038B1, US6041989, WO1995005332A1
Publication number1994630592, 94630592, DE 69430592 D1, DE 69430592D1, DE-D1-69430592, DE1994630592, DE69430592 D1, DE69430592D1, DE94630592
InventorsKoichi Kikuchi, Tadashi Tsukamoto
ApplicantKikuchi Kogyo
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Vorrichtung zur Behandlung eines einzelnen Textilbandes An apparatus for treating a single fabric belt translated from German
DE 69430592 D1
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International ClassificationB65H27/00, D06B23/02, B65H23/32, B65H20/24, D06B23/04, D06B19/00
Cooperative ClassificationD06B19/0017, D06B23/023, B65H27/00, B65H2401/10, B65H23/32, B65H2408/2174, B65H2408/2173, B65H20/24, B65H2404/1321
European ClassificationD06B19/00B2B, B65H23/32, B65H20/24, B65H27/00, D06B23/02G
Legal Events
5 Jun 20038364No opposition during term of opposition
14 Jun 20068339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee