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Publication numberDE69426998 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1994626998
Publication date31 Oct 2001
Filing date22 Feb 1994
Priority date8 Mar 1993
Also published asDE69426998D1, EP0615000A1, EP0615000B1, US5387480, US5458912, US5541248, US5635249, US5710203, US5916944
Publication number1994626998, 94626998, DE 69426998 T2, DE 69426998T2, DE-T2-69426998, DE1994626998, DE69426998 T2, DE69426998T2, DE94626998
InventorsLoren Andrew Haluska, Keith Winton Michael
ApplicantDow Corning
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Beschichtungen mit füllstoffeenthaltenden Wasserstoff-Silsesquioxane Coatings with fillers containing hydrogen silsesquioxanes translated from German
DE 69426998 T2
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International ClassificationC09D183/04, C03C17/34, C09K11/02, C09D183/05, C01B33/12, C04B41/50, C23C18/12, H01L23/58, C14C11/00, C03C17/00, C04B41/87
Cooperative ClassificationC04B41/87, C03C17/3417, C09D183/04, C23C18/1225, C23C18/122, C03C2217/475, C03C17/009, C03C2217/47, C03C2217/465, C03C2217/45, C23C18/1208, H01L23/573, C04B2111/80, C23C18/1212, C03C17/3435, C04B2111/94, C23C18/127, C23C18/1279, H01L23/58, H01L2924/0002, C04B41/009, C03C17/3411, C09K11/02, C03C17/007, C03C2217/479, H01L27/02, C04B41/5035, C04B2111/00844, C03C17/3441, C14C11/00
European ClassificationC04B41/00V, C09D183/04, C09K11/02, C03C17/00D4B, C03C17/34D4D, C03C17/34D4B, C14C11/00, C03C17/34D2, C04B41/87, H01L23/58, C03C17/34D, C04B41/50P14, C03C17/00D2, H01L23/57A, C23C18/12C2B, C23C18/12E, C23C18/12J10, C23C18/12J6D, C23C18/12C2, C23C18/12C4