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Publication numberDE69322775 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993622775
Publication date4 Feb 1999
Filing date12 Aug 1993
Priority date12 Aug 1993
Also published asDE69322775T2, EP0638801A1, EP0638801B1, US5574801
Publication number1993622775, 93622775, DE 69322775 D1, DE 69322775D1, DE-D1-69322775, DE1993622775, DE69322775 D1, DE69322775D1, DE93622775
InventorsOlivier Collet-Beillon
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Verfahren zur Inspektion vom Verbindungskugel-Satz eines intergrierten Schaltungsmoduls Procedures for inspection by joining ball-set of a circuit module intergrierten translated from German
DE 69322775 D1
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International ClassificationG01R31/311, G01N21/956
Cooperative ClassificationG01N21/95684, G01R31/311
European ClassificationG01N21/956R, G01R31/311
Legal Events
20 Jan 20008364No opposition during term of opposition
6 Sep 20018339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee