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Publication numberDE69319898 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993619898
Publication date27 Aug 1998
Filing date29 Jan 1993
Priority date25 Feb 1992
Also published asCA2130753A1, CA2130753C, DE69319898T2, EP0628194A1, EP0628194A4, EP0628194B1, US5293528, WO1993017414A1
Publication number1993619898, 93619898, DE 69319898 D1, DE 69319898D1, DE-D1-69319898, DE1993619898, DE69319898 D1, DE69319898D1, DE93619898
InventorsFrank Disanto, Denis Krusos
ApplicantCopytele Inc
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Elektrophoretische anzeigetafel und damit verbundene verfahren zur erzeugung einer einzelnen pixellöschungsmöglichkeit. Electrophoretic scoreboard and related process for production of a single pixel extinction possibility. translated from German
DE 69319898 D1
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International ClassificationG09G3/34, G02F1/167, G09F9/37
Cooperative ClassificationG09G2330/02, G09G3/3446, G09G2300/06, G02F1/167
European ClassificationG02F1/167, G09G3/34E2A
Legal Events
19 Aug 19998364No opposition during term of opposition
19 Dec 20028339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee