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Publication numberDE69316027 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993616027
Publication date14 May 1998
Filing date15 Nov 1993
Priority date18 Nov 1992
Also published asDE69316027D1, EP0669993A1, EP0669993B1, EP0825286A2, EP0825286A3, US5486410, US5605746, US5674339, US6024813, WO1994011556A1
Publication number1993616027, 93616027, DE 69316027 T2, DE 69316027T2, DE-T2-69316027, DE1993616027, DE69316027 T2, DE69316027T2, DE93616027
InventorsH Gunter Groeger, George A Serad, Clinton D Felton
ApplicantHoechst Celanese Corp
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Verfahren zur herstellung einer faserigen struktur mit immobilisiertem teilchenförmigem material A process for making a fibrous structure with immobilized particulate material translated from German
DE 69316027 T2
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Referenced by
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