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Publication numberDE69231785 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1992631785
Publication date15 Nov 2001
Filing date14 Sep 1992
Priority date14 Sep 1992
Also published asCA2144323A1, CA2144323C, DE69231785D1, EP0660967A1, EP0660967B1, US5455455, US5547906, WO1994007267A1
Publication number1992631785, 92631785, DE 69231785 T2, DE 69231785T2, DE-T2-69231785, DE1992631785, DE69231785 T2, DE69231785T2, DE92631785
InventorsPierre Badehi
ApplicantShellcase Ltd
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Verfahren zum herstellen integrierte schaltungsanordnungen A method of manufacturing integrated circuit assemblies translated from German
DE 69231785 T2
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International ClassificationH01L21/98, H01L25/07, H01L25/18, H01L25/065, H01L21/301, H01L21/78
Cooperative ClassificationH01L2924/14, H01L2924/12042, H01L24/96, H01L21/78, H01L25/50, H01L2225/06579, H01L2225/06589, H01L25/0657, H01L2225/06551, H01L25/0652, H01L2924/00013, H01L2924/10253
European ClassificationH01L25/065S, H01L25/065M, H01L21/78, H01L25/50