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Publication numberDE69228935 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1992628935
Publication date20 May 1999
Filing date7 Aug 1992
Priority date9 Aug 1991
Also published asCA2113455A1, CA2113455C, DE69228935T2, EP0598017A1, EP0598017B1, US5288531, US5364486, WO1993002859A1
Publication number1992628935, 92628935, DE 69228935 D1, DE 69228935D1, DE-D1-69228935, DE1992628935, DE69228935 D1, DE69228935D1, DE92628935
InventorsDaniel Falla, Robert Elliott, Allen Ross
ApplicantDow Chemical Co
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Beutel zum verpacken von fluessigem material Bags for packaging of liquid material translated from German
DE 69228935 D1
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International ClassificationB65D30/02, C08L23/04, B32B27/28, C08L31/04, C09J123/08, B65D65/40, C08J5/18, C08L23/08, B32B27/32
Cooperative ClassificationY10T428/31913, Y10T428/2826, B32B27/32, Y10T428/1345, Y10T428/24777, C09J123/0815, Y10T428/1334
European ClassificationB32B27/32, C09J123/08A1
Legal Events
20 Apr 20008363Opposition against the patent
21 Apr 20058331Complete revocation