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Publication numberDE69227839 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1992627839
Publication date21 Jan 1999
Filing date24 Sep 1992
Priority date24 Sep 1991
Also published asCA2119774A1, CA2119774C, DE69227839T2, DE69230697D1, DE69230697T2, EP0605650A1, EP0605650A4, EP0605650B1, EP0871042A1, EP0871042B1, EP0960961A1, US5204681, US5291205, US5891240, WO1993006504A1
Publication number1992627839, 92627839, DE 69227839 D1, DE 69227839D1, DE-D1-69227839, DE1992627839, DE69227839 D1, DE69227839D1, DE92627839
InventorsMorton Greene
ApplicantGordian Holding Corp
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Automatisches identifizierungssystem mit funkfrequenzen Automatic identification system with radio frequencies translated from German
DE 69227839 D1
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International ClassificationC30B29/18, G01S, G06K19/07, G01S13/75, G08B13/24, G06K19/067, G06K7/10, C30B33/00, G06K7/00
Cooperative ClassificationC30B29/18, Y10T117/1008, Y10S117/902, G08B13/244, G08B13/2414, C30B33/00, G01S13/753, G06K7/0008, G08B13/2445, G06K19/0723, G08B13/2471, G08B13/2422, G06K19/0672, G08B13/2442, G08B13/2417, G06K7/10009, G08B13/2482, G06K19/07
European ClassificationG08B13/24B1M, G08B13/24B1G, C30B33/00, G08B13/24B1G1, G08B13/24B7M, G08B13/24B7A1, G08B13/24B3M1, G08B13/24B3M3, G08B13/24B3M2, G06K7/10A, G01S13/75C2, G06K19/07T, G06K19/067Q, G06K7/00E, G06K19/07
Legal Events
5 Jan 20008364No opposition during term of opposition
22 Jul 20108339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee