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Publication numberDE69123882 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991623882
Publication date7 Aug 1997
Filing date3 Jun 1991
Priority date11 Jun 1990
Also published asCA2043562A1, CA2043562C, DE69123882D1, US5360443, US5522880, US5571171, US5578072, US5683452
Publication number1991623882, 91623882, DE 69123882 T2, DE 69123882T2, DE-T2-69123882, DE1991623882, DE69123882 T2, DE69123882T2, DE91623882
InventorsHector D Barone, Juan Carlos Parodi, Julio C Palmaz
ApplicantHector D Barone, Parodi Juan C, Julio C Palmaz
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Aortatransplantat sowie Apparat zum Ausbessern eines Aneurysmas der Unterleibsaorta Aortic graft and apparatus for repairing an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta translated from German
DE 69123882 T2
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International ClassificationA61B17/11, A61F2/02, A61B17/00, A61F2/06
Cooperative ClassificationY10S623/901, Y10S623/903, Y10S623/921, A61F2/954, A61F2002/075, A61F2/958, A61F2/07, A61F2002/065, A61M25/1002, A61F2210/0004, A61F2/90
European ClassificationA61F2/07, A61F2/954, A61F2/958, A61M25/10A