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Publication numberDE69123676 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991623676
Publication date30 Jan 1997
Filing date28 Aug 1991
Priority date28 Sep 1990
Also published asDE69123676T2, EP0477566A2, EP0477566A3, EP0477566B1, US5148157
Publication number1991623676, 91623676, DE 69123676 D1, DE 69123676D1, DE-D1-69123676, DE1991623676, DE69123676 D1, DE69123676D1, DE91623676
InventorsJames M Florence
ApplicantTexas Instruments Inc
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Verbesserungen für oder bezüglich der Lichtmodulation Improvements for or with respect to the light modulation translated from German
DE 69123676 D1
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International ClassificationG02B26/02, G02B26/08, G09F9/37, G02B26/06, G02B26/00, G09G3/34
Cooperative ClassificationG02B26/001, G02B26/06, G09G3/346, G09F9/372, G02B26/0841, G09G2300/0443
European ClassificationG02B26/08M4E, G02B26/06, G02B26/00C, G09F9/37E, G09G3/34E6
Legal Events
22 Jan 19988364No opposition during term of opposition
2 Jul 20098339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee