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Publication numberDE69121076 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991621076
Publication date20 Feb 1997
Filing date13 Dec 1991
Priority date19 Dec 1990
Also published asDE69121076D1, EP0493286A1, EP0493286B1, US5258983
Publication number1991621076, 91621076, DE 69121076 T2, DE 69121076T2, DE-T2-69121076, DE1991621076, DE69121076 T2, DE69121076T2, DE91621076
InventorsThao Lane, Didier Malorey, Karl Miller
ApplicantOuest Standar Telematique S A
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System, Verfahren und Gerät zur Paketübertragung mit Datenkompression System, method and apparatus for packet transmission with data compression translated from German
DE 69121076 T2
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International ClassificationH04L29/06
Cooperative ClassificationH04L69/04, H04L69/24, H04L29/06
European ClassificationH04L29/06C5, H04L29/06