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Publication numberDE69113273 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991613273
Publication date15 May 1996
Filing date11 Jul 1991
Priority date26 Jul 1990
Also published asCA2088050A1, DE69113273D1, EP0540591A1, EP0540591B1, US5118606, WO1992001935A1
Publication number1991613273, 91613273, DE 69113273 T2, DE 69113273T2, DE-T2-69113273, DE1991613273, DE69113273 T2, DE69113273T2, DE91613273
InventorsGary Lynch, David Eveleth, Peter Seubert
ApplicantUniv California
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Zellnekrosnachweis durch prüfung von spektrin und seine abbauprodukte. Zellnekrosnachweis by testing of spectrin and its degradation products. translated from German
DE 69113273 T2
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International ClassificationC12Q1/00, C07K16/18, G01N33/561, G01N33/531, C07K14/47, G01N33/53, G01N33/68
Cooperative ClassificationY10T436/25, Y10S436/811, G01N33/6893, G01N33/6896, C07K14/47, G01N33/561
European ClassificationG01N33/561, G01N33/68V2, C07K14/47, G01N33/68V