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Publication numberDE69106143 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991606143
Publication date3 Aug 1995
Filing date15 Oct 1991
Priority date19 Oct 1990
Also published asDE69106143D1, EP0553192A1, EP0553192B1, US5335743, WO1992006860A1
Publication number1991606143, 91606143, DE 69106143 T2, DE 69106143T2, DE-T2-69106143, DE1991606143, DE69106143 T2, DE69106143T2, DE91606143
InventorsPer Gillbrand, Hans Johansson, Per Johansson, Bengt Elgh
ApplicantSaab Automobile
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Einrichtung und verfahren zum bedienen eines fahrzeugantriebs und dessen anordnung. Means and methods to operate a vehicle drive and its arrangement. translated from German
DE 69106143 T2
PCT No. PCT/SE91/00689 Sec. 371 Date Apr. 16, 1993 Sec. 102(e) Date Apr. 16, 1993 PCT Filed Oct. 15, 1991 PCT Pub. No. WO92/06860 PCT Pub. Date Apr. 30, 1992.A steering wheel (11) is fitted with a control (13) which, when operated in mutually independent control directions (41-45), controls the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle, as well as upward and downward gear changing, and activates one of a number of cruise control functions. The control (13) may preferably be mounted immediately adjacent to the steering wheel rim (15) on the upper side of a wheel spoke (12), so that it may readily be operated by the driver's thumb without the necessity of releasing the grip on the wheel. Thus, the control incorporates all of the most essential driving control functions. The control according to the present invention encourages the driver to select, at an early stage, those accelerator and gear-change parameters which are most advantageous to economic driving or are most suited to the prevailing traffic conditions, the control actions required involving a minimum of manual movements. The present invention also relates to an arrangement and a method of controlling servo devices for the driving of a motor vehicle, utilizing the control (13) mounted on the steering wheel.
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International ClassificationB62D1/04, B60W10/10, B60W10/18, B60K20/02, B60T7/08, B60W10/00, B60K20/06, B60K26/02, F16H59/08, B60W10/04, B60K31/04
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Legal Events
25 Jan 19968364No opposition during term of opposition
7 Nov 20028339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee