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Publication numberDE69100421 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991600421
Publication date4 Nov 1993
Filing date27 Mar 1991
Priority date29 Mar 1990
Also published asDE9103805U1, EP0449244A1, EP0449244B1, US5048499
Publication number1991600421, 91600421, DE 69100421 D1, DE 69100421D1, DE-D1-69100421, DE1991600421, DE69100421 D1, DE69100421D1, DE91600421
InventorsClark L Daywalt
ApplicantFerna Group Int
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Brennstoffhandlungsvorrichtung. Fuel treatment device. translated from German
DE 69100421 D1
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International ClassificationF02M27/00
Cooperative ClassificationF02M27/00
European ClassificationF02M27/00
Legal Events
24 Mar 19948332No legal effect for de