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Publication numberDE69033681 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990633681
Publication date8 Feb 2001
Filing date10 Oct 1990
Priority date10 Oct 1989
Also published asCA2067217A1, CA2067217C, DE69033681T2, EP0495901A1, EP0495901A4, EP0495901B1, US5136687, WO1991006055A1
Publication number1990633681, 90633681, DE 69033681 D1, DE 69033681D1, DE-D1-69033681, DE1990633681, DE69033681 D1, DE69033681D1, DE90633681
InventorsM Edelman, N Reeke
ApplicantNeurosciences Res Found
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Kategorisierungsautomatismus, der neuronale gruppenauswahl mit wiedereingabe benutzt Used categorization automatism, the neuronal group selection with input again translated from German
DE 69033681 D1
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International ClassificationG06G7/60, G06N3/00, B25J9/22, G06F15/18, G06N3/04, G06K9/62, G06N99/00
Cooperative ClassificationG06N3/04, G06K9/6267
European ClassificationG06N3/04, G06K9/62C
Legal Events
7 Feb 20028364No opposition during term of opposition
17 Aug 20068339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee