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Publication numberDE69032818 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990632818
Publication date21 Jan 1999
Filing date15 Oct 1990
Priority date28 Nov 1989
Also published asCA2030883A1, DE69032818T2, EP0429821A2, EP0429821A3, EP0429821B1, US5232635
Publication number1990632818, 90632818, DE 69032818 D1, DE 69032818D1, DE-D1-69032818, DE1990632818, DE69032818 D1, DE69032818D1, DE90632818
InventorsMoer Andre Van, Jacques Ladyjensky
ApplicantOmniglow Corp Novato
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Chemilumineszente Lösung auf Basis von substituiertem Anthracen Chemiluminescent solution based on substituted anthracene translated from German
DE 69032818 D1
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International ClassificationC09K11/07, C09K11/06, C07C43/225, C07C43/20, C07C43/29, C07C25/22, C07K17/00, B44F1/12
Cooperative ClassificationC07C43/29, C07C43/20, C07C43/225, C07C25/22, C09K11/07, C07C2603/24
European ClassificationC07C43/29, C07C43/225, C07C43/20, C09K11/07, C07C25/22
Legal Events
5 Jan 20008364No opposition during term of opposition
26 Aug 20048339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee