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Publication numberDE69027481 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990627481
Publication date10 Oct 1996
Filing date18 Apr 1990
Priority date17 May 1989
Also published asDE69027481D1, EP0398502A2, EP0398502A3, EP0398502B1, US5107332
Publication number1990627481, 90627481, DE 69027481 T2, DE 69027481T2, DE-T2-69027481, DE1990627481, DE69027481 T2, DE69027481T2, DE90627481
InventorsC S Chan
ApplicantHewlett Packard Co
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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Farbabgleich zwischen einem abgetasteten Testbild und dem zugehörigen Ausdruck eines Farbdruckers, mittels einer geschlossenen Regelschleife Method and apparatus for color matching between a sampled test image and the corresponding expression of a color printer, using a closed loop translated from German
DE 69027481 T2
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International ClassificationG03G15/01, H04N1/46, H04N1/407, G06T11/60, H04N1/60, G03F3/08, H04N1/40
Cooperative ClassificationH04N1/6036, H04N1/40006, H04N1/6033
European ClassificationH04N1/60F2, H04N1/40A