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Publication numberDE69016861 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990616861
Publication date8 Jun 1995
Filing date4 Jul 1990
Priority date6 Jul 1989
Also published asCA2020441A1, DE69016861D1, EP0407881A1, EP0407881B1, US5023129
Publication number1990616861, 90616861, DE 69016861 T2, DE 69016861T2, DE-T2-69016861, DE1990616861, DE69016861 T2, DE69016861T2, DE90616861
InventorsSteven J Morganti, James H Thirtle
ApplicantDu Pont
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Verbessertes Element als Empfänger für "Non-Impact"-Druck. Improved element as a recipient for "non-impact" printing. translated from German
DE 69016861 T2
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International ClassificationB41J2/01, B41M5/41, B32B27/36, B32B33/00, B41M5/50, B41M5/42, B32B27/14, B41M5/40, B32B37/00, B41M5/00, B41M5/52
Cooperative ClassificationY10T428/31797, Y10T428/31504, B41M5/504, B41M5/52, B41M5/5236, Y10T428/24802, B41M5/41, B41M5/5254, B41M5/508
European ClassificationB41M5/52, B41M5/50B2