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Publication numberDE69012960 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990612960
Publication date3 Nov 1994
Filing date30 Nov 1990
Priority date30 Nov 1989
Also published asDE69012960T2, EP0430815A1, EP0430815B1, US5166583
Publication number1990612960, 90612960, DE 69012960 D1, DE 69012960D1, DE-D1-69012960, DE1990612960, DE69012960 D1, DE69012960D1, DE90612960
InventorsByung Hoon Min, Seung Kyoon Park
ApplicantGold Star Co, Gold Star Electronics
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Verfahren und Schaltung zum Antrieb eines bürstenlosen Gleichstrommotors ohne Messfühler. Method and circuit for driving a brushless DC motor without sensors. translated from German
DE 69012960 D1
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International ClassificationH02P6/10, H02P6/00, H02P6/16, H02P6/18
Cooperative ClassificationH02P6/182, H02P6/10, H02P6/30
European ClassificationH02P6/10, H02P6/00D, H02P6/18E
Legal Events
26 Oct 19958364No opposition during term of opposition
14 Sep 20068339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee