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Publication numberDE68914696 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1989614696
Publication date26 May 1994
Filing date8 Feb 1989
Priority date8 Feb 1988
Also published asCA1315408C, DE68914696T2, EP0328062A2, EP0328062A3, EP0328062B1, US4908502
Publication number1989614696, 89614696, DE 68914696 D1, DE 68914696D1, DE-D1-68914696, DE1989614696, DE68914696 D1, DE68914696D1, DE89614696
InventorsJackson E Winslow Jack Winslow
ApplicantPitney Bowes Inc
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Fehlertolerierende Chipkarte. Fault-chip card. translated from German
DE 68914696 D1
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International ClassificationG06F11/20, G06F11/07, G06K19/073, G06K19/07, G07B17/00, G07F7/10, G06F11/16, G06F11/22, G06F11/267, G06F11/10
Cooperative ClassificationG06F11/079, G07F7/1008, G07B17/0008, G07B2017/00338, G06F11/073, G06Q20/341, G06F11/165, G07B17/00314, G07B2017/00346, G06F11/2236, G07B2017/00177, G06F11/10, G07B2017/0079, G06K19/073, G07F7/082, G07F7/084, G06F11/1641, G06F11/1654, G06K19/072
European ClassificationG06F11/22A12, G06F11/07P1G, G07B17/00E2, G07B17/00D2, G06F11/07P6, G06K19/073, G06K19/07P, G07F7/08A4B, G07F7/08A2B, G06Q20/341, G06F11/16C6, G06F11/16C8, G06F11/16C12, G07F7/10D
Legal Events
20 Apr 19958363Opposition against the patent
15 Jan 19988365Fully valid after opposition proceedings
24 Dec 20088339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee