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Publication numberDE68912133 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1989612133
Publication date17 Feb 1994
Filing date20 Sep 1989
Priority date23 Sep 1988
Also published asCA1339281C, DE68912133T2, EP0435921A1, EP0435921B1, US5115971, WO1990003224A1
Publication number1989612133, 89612133, DE 68912133 D1, DE 68912133D1, DE-D1-68912133, DE1989612133, DE68912133 D1, DE68912133D1, DE89612133
InventorsBernard Greenspan, Owen Moss
ApplicantBattelle Memorial Inst Columbu
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Vernebelungsvorrichtung. Nebulizer. translated from German
DE 68912133 D1
Abstract  available in
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International ClassificationH01L41/113, B05B5/025, B05B5/053
Cooperative ClassificationB05B5/0531, B05B5/0255
European ClassificationB05B5/053A, B05B5/025A
Legal Events
12 Jan 19958363Opposition against the patent
9 Nov 20008339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee