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Publication numberDE60335318 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003635318
Publication date27 Jan 2011
Filing date14 Mar 2003
Priority date15 Mar 2002
Also published asEP1345244A2, EP1345244A3, EP1345244B1, US6759615, US20030173202
Publication number03635318, 2003635318, DE 60335318 D1, DE 60335318D1, DE-D1-60335318, DE03635318, DE2003635318, DE60335318 D1, DE60335318D1
InventorsHiroaki Yamaguchi, Toshiki Akita
ApplicantTokai Rika Co Ltd
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DE 60335318 D1
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International ClassificationH01H13/62, H01H13/56
Cooperative ClassificationH01H2300/066, H01H13/562
European ClassificationH01H13/56B