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Publication numberDE60236453 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2002636453
Publication date1 Jul 2010
Filing date9 Oct 2002
Priority date21 Dec 2001
Also published asEP1455721A1, EP1455721B1, US6921570, US7276642, US20030119404, US20050191460, WO2003057117A1
Publication number02636453, 2002636453, DE 60236453 D1, DE 60236453D1, DE-D1-60236453, DE02636453, DE2002636453, DE60236453 D1, DE60236453D1
InventorsTom R Belau, Timothy J Blenke, Richard T Wehrle, Rebecca J Kuepper, Thomas D Ehlert, Alan F Schleinz
ApplicantKimberly Clark Co
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Unverbunden gemusterter vliesstoff und dessen herstellungsverfahren Unconnected patterned nonwoven manufacturing processes and its translated from German
DE 60236453 D1
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International ClassificationD04H3/14, A61F13/62, D04H1/54, D04H1/66, A44B18/00, A61F13/49, A61F13/15, A61F13/56
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/62, Y10T442/674, Y10T442/659, Y10T442/60, Y10T442/637, Y10T428/2904, A61F2013/8497, A44B18/0011, D04H3/14, Y10T428/24008, Y10T428/24025, Y10T428/24041, A61F13/539, Y10T428/24033, Y10T428/24017, Y10T428/24099
European ClassificationA61F13/539, A44B18/00C4, A61F13/62, D04H3/14
Legal Events
17 Mar 20118328Change in the person/name/address of the agent
Representative=s name: ZIMMERMANN & PARTNER, 80331 MUENCHEN
9 Jun 20118364No opposition during term of opposition