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Publication numberDE60231373 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2002631373
Publication date16 Apr 2009
Filing date4 Jan 2002
Priority date11 Jan 2001
Also published asEP1352518A1, EP1352518B1, US8009206, US20020105581, WO2002056584A1
Publication number02631373, 2002631373, DE 60231373 D1, DE 60231373D1, DE-D1-60231373, DE02631373, DE2002631373, DE60231373 D1, DE60231373D1
InventorsIchiro Masaki, Lane Gearle Brooks, Vivek Sikri, Keith G Fife
ApplicantSmal Camera Technologies Inc
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Angepasste empfindlichkeitssteuerung auf einer pixel-zu-pixel-basis für eine digitale bildaufnahmevorrichtung Adjusted sensitivity control on a pixel-to-pixel basis for a digital image recording apparatus translated from German
DE 60231373 D1
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International ClassificationH04N5/355, H04N5/374, H04N5/235
Cooperative ClassificationH04N5/2353, H04N5/35527, H04N5/23241, H04N5/374, H04N5/235, H04N5/35509, H04N5/23225, H04N2201/3252
European ClassificationH04N5/355A2, H04N5/374, H04N5/232K, H04N5/232P, H04N5/355A, H04N5/235E, H04N5/235
Legal Events
25 Mar 20108364No opposition during term of opposition