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Publication numberDE60226627 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2002626627
Publication date26 Jun 2008
Filing date23 Aug 2002
Priority date24 Aug 2001
Also published asCN1547704A, CN1547705A, CN1547823A, CN100357922C, CN100367254C, CN100409606C, DE60213616D1, DE60213616T2, DE60222782D1, EP1419446A1, EP1419446B1, EP1421501A1, EP1421501B1, EP1442548A2, EP1442548B1, US7152128, US7231486, US7353313, US7536473, US8566473, US8819306, US9049125, US9071528, US9088495, US9565106, US9602408, US9736071, US20030115380, US20030145134, US20030158992, US20070038793, US20090193164, US20130117474, US20130254451, US20130254452, US20130268712, US20140129747, US20140185436, US20140189174, US20150178241, WO2003019391A2, WO2003019391A3, WO2003019393A1, WO2003019394A1
Publication number02626627, 2002626627, DE 60226627 D1, DE 60226627D1, DE-D1-60226627, DE02626627, DE2002626627, DE60226627 D1, DE60226627D1
InventorsEric Wehage, Jasmin Ajanovic, David J Harriman, David M Lee, Blaise Fanning, Buck Gremel, Ken Creta, Wayne A Moore
ApplicantIntel Corp
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Ehörige verfahren um datenintegrität zu verwalten Ehörige procedures to manage data integrity translated from German
DE 60226627 D1
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International ClassificationG06F3/00, G06F13/14, H04L1/18, G06F13/00, G06F13/24, G06F13/12
Cooperative ClassificationH04L47/30, G06F13/4221, H04L47/10, G06F5/06, G06F13/124, G06F13/385, G06F13/4282, G06F13/4265, G06F13/4059, G06F13/42, G06F13/4252, G06F13/4269
European ClassificationG06F13/12P
Legal Events
4 Jun 20098364No opposition during term of opposition