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Publication numberDE602005026418 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200560026418
Publication date31 Mar 2011
Filing date14 Sep 2005
Priority date27 Sep 2004
Also published asCA2580992A1, EP1800172A1, EP1800172B1, US7898521, US20060067633, US20110193770, WO2006036540A1
Publication number0560026418, 200560026418, DE 2005/60026418 D1, DE 602005026418 D1, DE 602005026418D1, DE-D1-602005026418, DE0560026418, DE2005/60026418D1, DE200560026418, DE602005026418 D1, DE602005026418D1
InventorsBrian J Gally, William J Cummings
ApplicantQualcomm Mems Technologies Inc
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Vorrichtung und verfahren zur wellenlängenfilterung Apparatus and method for wavelength filtering translated from German
DE 602005026418 D1
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International ClassificationG02B26/00, G02F1/21, G02B26/08, G01J3/26, G09G3/34
Cooperative ClassificationG09G3/3466, G02B6/29356, Y10T29/49002, G02B26/001
European ClassificationG02B26/00C