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Publication numberDE602005015357 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200560015357
Publication date20 Aug 2009
Filing date13 Dec 2005
Priority date20 Dec 2004
Also published asEP1828786A1, EP1828786B1, US8142237, US8242772, US20100066351, US20110062945, WO2006067300A1
Publication number0560015357, 200560015357, DE 2005/60015357 D1, DE 602005015357 D1, DE 602005015357D1, DE-D1-602005015357, DE0560015357, DE2005/60015357D1, DE200560015357, DE602005015357 D1, DE602005015357D1
InventorsBruno Condamin, Pascal Muis, Ghislain Bages
ApplicantJohnson Controls Tech Co, Kromberg & Schubert Gmbh & Co
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Vorrichtung zur messung eines stromflusses in einem kabel An apparatus for measuring a flow of current in a cable translated from German
DE 602005015357 D1
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International ClassificationG01R1/20
Cooperative ClassificationG01R19/0092, H01R11/287, G01R31/3696, G01R1/203, G01R31/3606, Y10T29/49117, Y10S439/957, Y10S439/913
European ClassificationH01R11/28B12, G01R31/36V9, G01R1/20B
Legal Events
29 Jul 20108364No opposition during term of opposition