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Publication numberDE602005006115 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200560006115
Publication date29 May 2008
Filing date22 Apr 2005
Priority date23 Apr 2004
Also published asCA2563525A1, CA2563525C, CA2563583A1, CA2563583C, CA2563585A1, CA2563585C, CA2563589A1, CA2563589C, CA2563592A1, CA2563592C, CA2564515A1, CA2564515C, CA2579496A1, CN1946917A, CN1946917B, CN1946918A, CN1946918B, CN1946919A, CN1946919B, CN1954131A, CN1954131B, CN1957158A, CN1957158B, CN1985068A, CN101107420A, CN101107420B, DE602005006114D1, DE602005006114T2, DE602005006115T2, DE602005006116D1, DE602005006116T2, DE602005011115D1, DE602005013506D1, DE602005016096D1, EP1738052A1, EP1738052B1, EP1738053A1, EP1738054A1, EP1738054B1, EP1738055A1, EP1738055B1, EP1738056A1, EP1738056B1, EP1738057A1, EP1738057B1, EP1738058A1, EP1738058B1, US7320364, US7353872, US7357180, US7370704, US7383877, US7424915, US7431076, US7481274, US7490665, US7510000, US8355623, US20050269077, US20050269088, US20050269089, US20050269090, US20050269091, US20050269092, US20050269093, US20050269094, US20050269095, US20050269313, US20060005968, US20060289536, US20130206748, US20140231070, WO2005103444A1, WO2005103445A1, WO2005106191A1, WO2005106193A1, WO2005106194A1, WO2005106195A1, WO2005106196A1
Publication number0560006115, 200560006115, DE 2005/60006115 D1, DE 602005006115 D1, DE 602005006115D1, DE-D1-602005006115, DE0560006115, DE2005/60006115D1, DE200560006115, DE602005006115 D1, DE602005006115D1
InventorsGuillermo Pastor-Sanz, Harold J Vinegar
ApplicantShell Int Research
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Verringerung der viskosität von öl zur gewinnung aus einer kohlenwasserstoffhaltigen formation Reducing the viscosity of the oil for the recovery from a hydrocarbon containing formation translated from German
DE 602005006115 D1
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International ClassificationE21B43/12, E21B36/04, H05B3/10, E21B43/00, E21B29/00, E21B43/24, H05B6/10, E21B43/30, E21B43/38, H05B3/14
Cooperative ClassificationE21B43/12, E21B43/122, E21B43/2405, E21B43/2401, E21B43/24, E21B43/38, E21B36/04, H05B3/141
European ClassificationE21B43/12, E21B43/12B2, E21B43/24K, H05B3/14C, E21B36/04, E21B43/24, E21B43/24B, E21B43/38
Legal Events
10 Jun 20098364No opposition during term of opposition