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Publication numberDE602004027897 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460027897
Publication date12 Aug 2010
Filing date15 Mar 2004
Priority date27 Mar 2003
Also published asCA2520150A1, CN1781268A, EP1614234A1, EP1614234A4, EP1614234B1, US6958986, US20040028018, WO2004095734A1
Publication number0460027897, 200460027897, DE 2004/60027897 D1, DE 602004027897 D1, DE 602004027897D1, DE-D1-602004027897, DE0460027897, DE2004/60027897D1, DE200460027897, DE602004027897 D1, DE602004027897D1
InventorsJoseph Bibb Cain
ApplicantHarris Corp
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Drahtloses kommunikationssystem mit erweitertem zeitschlitz The wireless communication system with expanded time slot translated from German
DE 602004027897 D1
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International ClassificationH04L12/28, H04L12/56, H04B7/26, H04L1/00, H04B7/04, H04L1/20, H04J3/16, H04W16/28, H04W84/18, H04W76/02, H04B7/212, H04W72/10, H04W74/04, H04W72/12, H04W16/14
Cooperative ClassificationH04L1/0041, H04W74/04, H04W84/18, H04W72/0446, H04B7/2643, H04B7/18506, H04W76/02, H04L1/0061, H04W72/10, H04L1/203, H04W72/085, H04W72/1242
European ClassificationH04L1/00B3, H04B7/26T, H04L1/00B7E, H04L1/20, H04W72/08D