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Publication numberDE602004013517 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460013517
Publication date19 Jun 2008
Filing date22 Nov 2004
Priority date20 Nov 2003
Also published asCA2488010A1, CA2488010C, EP1532933A1, EP1532933B1, US7442193, US9095347, US20050113828, US20090048596, US20150320486
Publication number0460013517, 200460013517, DE 2004/60013517 D1, DE 602004013517 D1, DE 602004013517D1, DE-D1-602004013517, DE0460013517, DE2004/60013517D1, DE200460013517, DE602004013517 D1, DE602004013517D1
InventorsChelsea Shields, Edward C Meagher
ApplicantCovidien Ag
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Elektrische leitende/isolierende Vorrichtung zum Aufziehen auf einen Backen für die Gewebefusion Electrical conductive / insulating device to be mounted on a jaw for tissue fusion translated from German
DE 602004013517 D1
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International ClassificationA61B18/14, A61B18/12
Cooperative ClassificationA61B2017/2829, A61B2018/0013, A61B2018/00083, A61B2018/00077, A61B18/1442, A61B2018/00619, A61B18/1445, A61B2017/00296, A61B2018/0063, A61B2018/1246, A61B2018/1495
European ClassificationA61B18/14F2
Legal Events
28 May 20098364No opposition during term of opposition