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Publication numberDE602004007712 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460007712
Publication date6 Sep 2007
Filing date29 Apr 2004
Priority date30 Apr 2003
Also published asEP1473947A2, EP1473947A3, EP1473947B1, US7324635, US7587036, US7764777, US8155298, US8175240, US8457113, US8718252, US8848894, US9083719, US9386158, US20030194078, US20060239436, US20060239437, US20060239438, US20080075262, US20100254376, US20120120853, US20120236762, US20130322431, US20150312420, US20160366282
Publication number0460007712, 200460007712, DE 2004/60007712 D1, DE 602004007712 D1, DE 602004007712D1, DE-D1-602004007712, DE0460007712, DE2004/60007712D1, DE200460007712, DE602004007712 D1, DE602004007712D1
InventorsJerry A Klein, Samuel F Wood
ApplicantTelemaze Llc
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Verfahren und Steuerung zum Erhalten von zusätzlichen Informationen über ankommende Anrufe Process and control for obtaining additional information on incoming calls translated from German
DE 602004007712 D1
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International ClassificationH04M7/00, H04M7/12, H04M3/42, H04Q3/66, H04Q3/00, H04Q3/72
Cooperative ClassificationH04M7/129, H04M7/126, H04M7/0003, H04M7/0033, H04M7/0009, H04L65/1046, H04M7/12, H04Q2213/13103, H04Q2213/13389, H04M3/42153, H04M3/42161, H04M3/42229, H04Q3/0025, H04Q3/005, H04Q3/66, H04Q3/72, H04Q2213/13034, H04Q2213/13091, H04Q2213/13097, H04Q2213/13109, H04Q2213/1313, H04Q2213/13141, H04Q2213/13242, H04Q2213/13332
European ClassificationH04Q3/00D2, H04Q3/66, H04Q3/72, H04M7/00B4, H04Q3/00D3P, H04M3/42E2, H04M3/42E2D
Legal Events
26 Jun 20088332No legal effect for de