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Publication numberDE60045046 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2000645046
Publication date11 Nov 2010
Filing date8 Feb 2000
Priority date9 Feb 1999
Also published asCA2360139A1, CA2360139C, CA2614656A1, CA2614656C, DE60013782D1, DE60013782T2, EP1156843A1, EP1156843B1, EP1457220A2, EP1457220A3, EP1457220B1, US6645177, US7338472, US7972306, US20040049161, US20080154203, WO2000047254A1
Publication number00645046, 2000645046, DE 60045046 D1, DE 60045046D1, DE-D1-60045046, DE00645046, DE2000645046, DE60045046 D1, DE60045046D1
InventorsJames G J Shearn
ApplicantCarefusion 303 Inc
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Medizinisches Infusions System A medical infusion system translated from German
DE 60045046 D1
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International ClassificationA61M5/145
Cooperative ClassificationA61M2005/14573, A61M5/1684, A61M5/1458, A61M2205/6063, A61M2205/14, A61M5/1456, A61M2205/3306, A61M2205/3389
European ClassificationA61M5/145B10
Legal Events
27 Oct 2011R097No opposition filed against granted patent, or epo opposition proceedings concluded without decision
Ref document number: 1457220
Country of ref document: EP
Effective date: 20110630